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ZIPLOG is a professional management template software suite, first coded
in 1975. The suite is dedicated to the premise that most professional
operations have common operational threads that are applicable to all the
professions. The management of intellectual assets, supporting real assets,
time, capital, and the relationships of a professional with his or her clients,
including a reasonable set of communications tools, in real-time, is possible.

We believe, the effectiveness of any such set of relationships has only one
way of being scored in real-world business - full double entry simultaneous
accounting, which can proceed at the same time all case and portfolio work
is accomplished.

Starting in 1975, intensive research into the general model postulated was
begun. Certain limitations, operational boundaries - even color-to-function
restraints have been noted to increase profitability and focus a professional's
work. These are not apparent in most management models of today,
especially in relation to the mushrooming of connectivity that both enables
- and - destroys productivity.

The ensuing twenty years of research here bear out the premises addressed.
The general model has been tested in such diverse environments as
broadcast station traffic management, where the logging and coincident
double-entry accounting interface was done. It proceeded through complete
veterinary clinic operational suites and finally to medical record and other
professional management templates. Fully functional templates covering
event profiles of over 40,000 events per month, spread over client bases of
roughly 2,000 active clients with total calendar scheduling, and simultaneous
professional inventory and accounting have been done. At the other end of
the scale are server sites with client record portfolios in the 60,000 size range,
focused against a small group of professional folks within the hospital
radiology regimen. The network reliability of the system has approached
actual down times of around the 12 hour-per- year figure in sealed network
systems, which we advocate.

The development site is an OS/2 specific site with software being developed
in cross-platform mode for both OS/2 and the WIN-xx mediums, together with
Btrieve tools and Crystal, as well as Greenleaf telecommunications tools.

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